The I-3 is an agro-industrial tire designed for on and off-road use in all weather conditions with excellent traction and self-cleaning properties ideal for muddy terrain. Straight lugs provide grip with an even steady pull needed for transport and soil tillage operations. The I-3 is built for implement, industrial and construction applications.

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Size Load / Speed Pl rating Tubeless / Tube Type UTQG Tread Depth Outer Diameter Section Width MAX Load @ PSI Stock #
5.00-15 DW:75/A6 FW:88/A6 6 TT 20.00 25.90 5.50 DW:385@52 FW:555@52
6.00-16 DW:83/A6FW:95/A6 6 TT 22.00 28.90 6.50 DW:485@41 FW:690@41
7.50-20 DW:103/A6FW:116/A6 8 TT 27.00 36.60 8.20 DW:875@46 FW:1250@46